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Perfume Duo Bottle for him and her

For a bottle dispenser manufacturer I designed this duo bottle based design as a perfume bottle for him and here. It was an assignment without too many wishes from the client other than that they where looking for a new bottle design that uses one of there existing bottle dispensers and that the bottle can be made width existing plastic molding techniques.

I started with some research about how bottles are made, which materials are used for making bottles and which materials are suitable for making bottles. This way I came across a new material that was used for making water bottles called 360 water bottle (today it's called Paper Water Bottle) This material is made from environmentally friendly specially blended combination of wheat straw, bamboo, husks, sugar cane, and/or bulrush. This so called pulp exoskeleton is backyard compostable and can be formed in all kind of possible shapes via injection molding and press forming. I really liked this material because it was new, different and better for the environment than plastic so I decide that I wanted to use this material in my design.

After some simple sketching and thinking I came with the idea that uses the same fabrication technique as the water bottle, but instead of glue pressing the two halfs together I came up with the idea to add a wall between the two halves that divides the bottle in two separate compartments and very quickly the idea of designing a two-in-one perfume bottle was born.

Early and final sketch of the Duo Botle
Design sketches.
Showing male and female side of the Duo Bottle
To give my own twist to the male and females shape I decided to go for a strong silhouette design instead of the full body shape design like the Le Male bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier.
Exploded view of the Duo Bottle
Duo Bottle consists of three vacuum formed shapes pressed together with a environmentally friendly resin, two bottle dispensers from the client and two bottle caps.
3d printed prototype of the Duo Bottle
3d printed prototype of the Duo Bottle.