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First price HealthBand Concept

During my time at CMD (communication and multimedia design) I have accepted an assignment from Astrazenca a Research-Based BioPharmaceutical Company that was looking for a solution to make there product (a heart disease medicine) more effective.

They explained that there medicine was way more effective if it was taken on the right moment and on a regular basis. There current experience was that it was difficult to determine the perfect moment (when there medicine left the patient body) for each patient, and patients regularly forgot to take their dose of medicine.

As a multimedia but also a product designer I came up with a solution in the form of a product, a supporting app and an improved medicine.

I started with research on how patients use medicine and by making patient scenarios. I came to the conclusion that the problem was with the patient not able, committed or willing to monitor his medicine intake (even if their lives depended on it). So I needed to design something from the ground up and did not depend on input from the patient. This way I came up with the idea to add a simple ingredient to Astrazenca existing medicine with the only purpose to be taken up by the patient body and then leaves the patient body through there skin where it is detectable.

With the new improved medicine I started to design a product in the form of a simple comfortable wristband (HealthBand) that detects when the ingredient leaves the body and to monitor the heartbeat of the patient and provides vibrating feedback to the patient when for example a new dose of the medicine must be taken. The supporting app can be connected to the wristband for extra feedback like reminders, monitor patient heartbeat, tips and tricks and to configure the type of medicine and to order a new batch of medicine when the patient runs out.

With this solution the only thing the patient needed to do was wearing the wristband during the day, charge it regularly and optionally setup the supporting app for more control and support.

For this assignment I won the first price for innovation.

Concept render of the HealthBand at an angle showing the on/of switch at the outside
The HealthBand a patient needs to wear during his drug treatment. It has a integrated sensor and a on/off switch. You can charge the HealthBand wireless.
Concept render of the HealthBand at an angle showing the inside and the sensor
The HealthBand will be available in different sizes and is made from a elastic silicone material for allround and comfortable use.

The App preview above is a working app demo.
Start demo by pressing "Maak verbinding".