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Smoke Alarm Redesign

As a concept I redesigned a existing smoke alarm (Elro RM120). All parts except for the electronics got a redesign. The new design is based on two style directions, relaxed and romantic.

Relaxed and Romantic mood board
I did some style research to create a mood board. with the help of the mood board I did a shape study.
Smoke alarm design sketches
A few quick (not the most beautiful but functional) sketches. After the shape study I found out that relaxed is associated with simple shapes and lines and that romantic is characterised in small details like embossing, edges and texture. So I decided to design the main shape of the smoke alarm based on the relaxed style so I went for a circle / curved shape design and than added details to it to give it a romantic touch. I needed to be careful not adding to much details and find a perfect balance between relaxed and romantic.
Smoke alarm top view
The smoke alarm cover makes use of the default test button location and LED indicator.
Smoke alarm hanging on ceiling at an angle
The smoke alarm is modulated and rendered in SolidWorks.
Smoke alarm inside view
To save costs on assembly I designed all parts in a way so that they can be put together by snapping it in place with snap connections which eliminates the need of screws. To replace the battery the top cover is easy detachable with a smal magnet that keeps the top cover to the electronics cover.
Smoke alarm detailed inside view
All the plastic parts are designed in a way that is can be produced with a open close injection molding proces and eliminates the need of slides to reduce costs and complexity.