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Verstegen two in one cap

Verstegen is a dutch company specialised in Spices & Sauces. There professorial dressing and sauces shared the same packaging and branding. Pouring some dressing or adding sauce to a dish are two vary different things (ask a chef), when pouring dressing you need some control and you want to pour in small amounts. When pouring sauce especially thick sauce you want a good constant flow and you need less control.

So Verstegen was looking fo a solution where they still could use the same packaging on both there dressings and sauces but with a new universal cap that was suitable for pouring dressings or sauces in the appropriate way independent of what is in the package.

The universal cap requirements where: support two types of pouring (for dressing and sauces), add some sort of Tamper-evident and the cap needs to have a matching design with there existing packaging.

Two in one cap sketches
After some brainstorming and sketching I came up with a few designs (these where the top 4).
Two in one cap concepts
In consultation we decided to go for the rotating design (concept 3). Rotating the cap in the correct position is the easiest way to set the cap in correct pouring style, we found it the most matching design with the existing packaging and the shape of the cap looks a bit like a chef hat (reference to cooking).
Two in one cap exploded view
The cap consists of two parts that can be produced with a open close injection molding proces and eliminates the need of slides to reduce costs and complexity. For a perfect seal when switch pouring style (by rotating the cap) the top part has three seal rings added via multi-component injection molding process.
Two in one cap technical drawing
The two parts are easy to assemble using the main snap connection which at the same time serves as the rotational main axis.
MaikelsDesign two in one cap at different angles